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D. Potchebutzky Law Offices is one of Israel’s leading specialists in the various aspects of taxation law and is serving the country’s business sector for many years.

Since its establishment in 1954, the firm has worked with many clients, individuals as well as corporations (companies, partnerships, cooperative associations etc.) and concerns, in their ongoing tax matters in Israel and abroad.

The firm’s real-time assistance and solutions for a range of issues aids the ongoing correct management of businesses and prevents the formation of future difficulties on tax matters.

The support given by D. Potchebutzky Law Offices enables clients to conduct their business affairs with peace of mind, while tax solutions are tailored individually for each client.

Many clients overseas, who manage business relations in Israel, are assisted by the firm’s services in supporting and planning their transactions and their representations to the Tax Authorities. At the same time, the firm handles its clients’ activities overseas or their clients’ assets abroad with close support in Israel and overseas.

In addition, the firm provides its clients with professional opinions, approaches the Tax Authorities for pre-rulings and represents taxpayers in administrative proceedings and in appeals to the District Court and the Supreme Court.

D. Potchebutzky
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