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Areas of Tax
We consults our clients in all areas of direct and indirect taxation, including income tax, VAT, real estate tax, custom duties, international tax, negotiation with the Israel Taxation Authority, civil tax litigation and appeals, tax structuring solutions and tax shelters.

The firm accompanies its clients from the initial phase of business activities by finding legitimate ways for the optimal reduction of the tax burden in all relevant areas of taxation for their endeavors – direct and indirect taxes in activities in Israel and abroad. Thus, the clients enjoy a thorough examination of all aspects of existing taxes and their impact.

Asking the Tax Authorities for Pre-Rulings
After examining the business activities of clients, and in full consultation with the clients, the course of action is chosen and the option of asking the Tax Authorities’ approval for the tax results, for both direct and indirect taxes, is offered.
As part of the firm’s approach to the Tax Authorities, a detailed and reasoned request is written on the basis of legislation, commentary and previous verdicts.
Negotiations are conducted with the relevant bodies in the Tax Authorities in order to accomplish the best possible results for the clients. In this manner the client achieves the highest level of certainty on tax issues dealt with.

Representing Taxpayers in Administrative Procedures
The firm assists its clients when they are audited by the Tax Authorities. At this stage the firm accompanies the client in counseling as well as in representation before the Tax Authorities. Said assistance is provided in full cooperation with the client’s accountant. If an agreement is not reached at the auditing stage the firm submits a detailed contest to the Tax Authorities’ Assessment. In continuation the firm conducts professional discussions with all the relevant bodies at the Tax Authorities.
While managing the contest procedures the firm places special emphasis on preparing the legal framework of evidence for reaching an agreement with the Authorities and preparing for the future, if it becomes necessary to lodge an appeal with the Court (or Appeals Committee).

Representation in Legal procedures
The firm represents its clients in all required legal procedures in cases where a dispute arises with the Tax Authorities, whether in reaching a compromise out-of-court agreement or a judicial decision in the District Court or the Supreme Court.

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